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How to Calm Your Dog on Bonfire Night

If you have a dog, you’ve probably been thinking about how to keep them safe on Bonfire Night. Dogs are often terrified of fireworks so this year MORE TH>N teamed up with actor Simon Callow to record a calming bedtime story for dogs.

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It’s a Dog’s Life on Bonfire Night

Whilst most of us are looking forward to the exhilarating sights and sounds of fireworks on Bonfire Night, most pets aren’t so keen to welcome the sound of fireworks. Have you ever despaired about how to calm your dog down on 5 November? Well despair no more, as MORE TH>N has just released ‘Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale’ – a book of calm for dogs.

Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale

Keen to help pet owners across the UK, we recently commissioned the UK’s leading dog behaviourist Karen Wild to consult on how to write a bedtime story especially for dogs. She advised closely on the overall structure and the precise words and speech patterns needed to ensure the book would have a relaxing influence on dogs– pinpointing necessary changes in diction, length of sounds, volume, dog-friendly frequencies, pitch and tempo.

The resulting dog story is ‘Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale’ and is written to help calm your dog from the sound of fireworks this Bonfire Night.

You can download and print ‘Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale’ (PDF)

You can also download an audio recording of ‘Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale’ (MP4 file)

Actor Simon Callow Narrates

World famous Shakespearean actor Simon Callow was keen to help us create our audiobook, being a passionate pet owner himself.

Simon said of the book, “Having two dogs myself I can understand just how terrifying the sound of fireworks can be to animals. I hope that lending my voice to the bedtime story for dogs can go some way to help petrified pups relax this bonfire night.”