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Is it right to dress up your pet?

Every pet owner spoils their pet from time to time, whether it‘s buying your cat an expensive piece of salmon for dinner or building your dog an luxurious bed to sleep in. But is dressing them up in amusing costumes and wigs for your own pleasure a step too far?

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The UK pet clothing market is a growing one, and it’s expected to break the £30 million mark this year, according to market research firm MTW Research. Search the web for pet clothing and you’ll find an amazing range of pet accessories, from doggy raincoats and cat bonnets to pink pyjamas and fluffy jumpers.

Whilst more functional clothing for pets has been around for a while, such as cold weather jackets for dogs, it’s the rise of costumes and accessories for pets that has raised concerns amongst both pet owners and animal welfare organisations.

The pet clothing industry

Pet clothing is now a multi-million pound industry, and many new companies cater for this growing need from pet owners to dress up their pets. Whether it be online or on the high street, you can now buy a huge range of pet accessories, from multi coloured wigs to complete costumes. But is it right?

The RSPCA have strong opinions on the subject, stating that clothing for pets is only appropriate for animals who need it from a welfare point of view. Quoted on the BBC News website, the RSPCA said,

“There can be clear benefits from animals wearing some forms of clothing such as for warmth and waterproofing. However, functionality must always come before fashion and the clothing must have a clear welfare benefit when dressing animals.”

Have your say on pet clothing

We wanted to let our community of pet owners on our MORE TH>N Pet Profiles website have their say on what they thought about dressing up their pets. It promoted a great debate, with most people stating that whilst more functional clothes for pets were OK if the pet was old or frail, more costume-style items that could be worn just for a photo shoot were not appropriate.

To find out what people had to say, and to add your views, head on over to MORE TH>N Pet Profiles.